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When you prefer to consume your THC instead of smoking it, cannabis edibles can be an excellent option. However, sometimes, you can get a little carried away and consume just a bit too much THC with your edibles. When this occurs, the best plan is usually to go to bed and sleep it off. However, an edible hangover may greet you the next morning.

Cannabis may not be as closely linked to the next-day after-effects as alcohol, but the potential for a hangover does still exist. How do you handle a hangover from edible cannabis products? We’ve got you covered with everything to know below.


What is an edible hangover?

An edible hangover is essentially a “cannabis hangover,” which simply means you’ve consumed more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in a short time frame than your body can effectively handle. There are only a handful of studies that show cannabis use on any level can cause a hangover. For example, one study found that cannabis use can cause fatigue the next day. Another small study found some people experience a bit of irritability.

While the jury is still out scientifically on why THC may cause a hangover, there are several first-hand reports of people who consume a lot of THC and wake up feeling less than stellar. Usually, a THC edible hangover will only happen when an individual not accustomed to consuming large doses of THC consumes a relatively large dose. However, an edible hangover can happen to pretty much anyone, even individuals that have ample experience or typically consume larger doses.

Edible Hangover Symptoms

Generally, a cannabis edible hangover will have telltale but not severe symptoms, such as:

  • Feeling a bit groggy or fatigued
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Mild headache
  • Mild nausea
  • Light brain fog or difficulty focusing

How to Get Rid of Edible Hangover

The milder symptoms of an edible hangover are manageable, and with a few steps, you can be ready to face your day and refreshed relatively quickly. Take a look at a few good tips to help you get back to good as quickly as possible.

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Hydrating will be an important step if you wake up feeling groggy after edibles the night before. Drinking a lot of water can help flush your system and get your eyes and mouth hydrated, so you don’t feel so icky.


Step into a hot shower and breathe in the hot steam. A shower can help you feel more alert and the steam from the hot water can help open your pores and airways, so you take in more oxygen.


Eat a light but nutritious breakfast. Something good for your body like a whole-wheat bagel or slice of toast with lean protein like avocado or brie cheese can be a good choice. Healthy carbs and lean protein will give you a much-needed energy boost.


Fix yourself a cup of green tea or black coffee with caffeine. If your stomach feels queasy, add a dash of grated ginger to your hot tea and sip it slowly to soothe the queasiness.

Consume CBD

While this recommendation comes purely from anecdotal reports, some people swear by taking a dose of CBD (cannabidiol) can help with a cannabis edible hangover. Just be sure to pick a product that contains only CBD and no THC, such as a CBD tincture or edible made with isolated CBD.

How long is an edible hangover?

If you’ve ever had a hangover after overindulging in alcohol, you know the hangover can pretty much ruin the entire next day. The good news is, an edible hangover or a cannabis hangover in general doesn’t usually last quite as long. There really is no set-in-stone duration of symptoms, but most people feel better within a few hours.

How to Avoid Hangover from Edible Cannabis Products

The best way to deal with a cannabis hangover is to avoid getting one as much as possible. A few tips that can help when you plan to consume cannabis edibles include:

  • Avoid overconsuming THC. All people react differently to edibles, but a general dose for an average occasional user is typically somewhere around 5 to 10mg. Pick your dose and only consume that dose, so you don’t overindulge.
  • Stick with easy-to-dose THC edibles. For example, Jams Jellies contain chews that each have exactly 10mg of THC, and these can be halved for a lower dose.
  • Avoid mixing edibles and alcohol or other substances. The combination can mean a heightened risk of a hangover.

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